Social media is no longer an option for companies and organizations. My goal is to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals understand what is expected from each platform to maintain a successful online presence and help make it happen. I offer a variety of social media services ranging from training on the basics, creation or long term maintenance, each with the end goal of raising your brand awareness and gaining a strong online following. 


Package 1: Social Media Training

This package includes extensive training for any combination of supported platforms. I will create materials, sit down and provide personal, hands-on training for the client on how to operate both the basics and go through all account settings. This package is a great choice for companies that have a designated employee or team that can oversee these tasks.


Package 2: Complete set up

This package will include setting up a profile/page for any combination of the supported platforms from scratch. After a previously agreed upon time frame, I will then hand the maintenance of the accounts over to the client. This option is an ideal choice for customers who do not desire to set up and maintain their own accounts. 


Package 3: Comprehensive Social Presence Management

This package will consist of creating accounts on any of the supported platforms and the maintenance of the accounts for a contracted period of time. This package has variability in that it includes many different aspects of maintaining an online presence, which are scheduling of posts, follower engagement, creative content brainstorming, and content editing. Each aspect will be a different price per hour and will have different specifications involved. This package is ideal for those who want to outsource all social media.