Considering buying a Facebook Ad? Watch this video first.

Are you wondering if buying Facebook advertising space is something your business should do? If so, watch this video. He explains that while you may get the likes you were hoping for, they aren't authentic and will not be engaged. 

Take the time to watch this short video and strongly consider whether or not buying Facebook ads is worth your investment. The answer is likely going to be "no."

Why is Social Media Important?

A few years ago, a company's social media presence was more of a novelty, but now it's a necessity. While most companies realize the importance of having an account with each of the major social media platforms, many don't understand the importance of operating them in excellence. It makes sense why they don't put an emphasis on it. How on Earth can you measure the impact that social media campaigns make? How can you know that the last purchase you made was to someone who found you through an Instagram hashtag? You can't. So, many companies put half the effort into social media than what is necessary.

Essentially, the purpose of social media is to create an identity and generate brand awareness. Each platform allows your company to be on the pulse of what's happening with your customers and what their needs are. So, if you're not using them appropriately, then you're potentially way off.

With that being said, I strongly encourage anyone starting a business, operating an existing business and even individuals looking to be in the public eye to start taking your social media presence seriously.