We Made Pasta!

While on our beach vacation, we decided to get into our food prep and try out making pasta by hand. I have never done it before and honestly, being in a state of perpetual weight loss, pasta isn’t often on the menu. That may change because holy wow was it an incredible dish. We made the pasta along with a sage-walnut cream sauce. You can find the recipe for that below, too.

For the machinery, we used an Atlas Pasta Machine. It was a dream to work with and no joke, i went onto Amazon that night to put one on my own wishlist (the one we used belongs to my MIL). I definitely plan on doing it again and maybe one day even having my own perfected recipe. Until then, I’m not even going to pretend like we came up with the recipe on our own. It was straight out of Martha Stewart’s best of 2002 cookbook and it was a solid recipe. Enough people have asked though, that I figured this would be a simpler way to share that recipe.

So, get to cooking and let me know how your pasta turns out. Even if you don’t use this exact recipe, tag me in your photos so I can cheer you on!

The Deets

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The Process

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XMS_0723 (2) (1).jpg