Style For Any Age: Pastel Sundresses

This segment of Style For Any Age is focusing on colorful spring dresses. We’ve been trying to up our efforts around our house to be greener and I wanted to not buy something this time around and instead use something out of my own closet. I mean, if Kate Middleton can do it regularly, why can’t we?

Fashion is a tricky concept although it may feel like we need a new wardrobe for each season and whatever fits in with the latest trend, I would encourage you to instead look at what is already in your closet. I’m sure you’ve all gone through and figured out what gives you joy and what doesn’t at this point. Now, let’s wear what gives us joy and remember to wear it often. Love the clothes you buy and love how you look in them.

I’m rocking a (I kid you not, maybe 8/9 year old) dress from Banana Republic. It makes me feel fun, flirty and feminine in it. Especially when combined with some strappy nude sandals and a few pieces of delicate jewelry.