Styling by Kendra Scott

Last week, I showed off our styled looks featuring the well known Nordstrom ruched tank dress. I wanted to give some rightful attention to the jewelry we were fitted with. The ladies at Kendra Scott in the Shops at Clearfork were a dream to work with. Not only did they make us feel right at home, but they found pieces that went with our outfits and were suited to our skin tone.

Sure, that may sound like no big deal, but as someone who falls on the extreme side of being fair-skinned, my skin tone is something I strongly consider when choosing jewelry. Who knows, maybe that’s why I have so few pieces in my collection. Kendra Scott has a metal that I’ve never really considered and is now all I want to wear. It’s called “Bright Silver” and it’s not the deep grey or metallic silver you would normally see in regards to jewelry. It almost comes off as a white and it’s perfect for people like me who are the palest of pale.

All in the Bright Silver metal, I was given the Tegan Y Necklace, the Millie Bracelet in Ivory Mother of Pearl and the Gaby Statement Earrings in Ivory Mother of Pearl Mix to go along with my look. I am officially in love with anything in Bright Silver from Kendra Scott!