Fort Worth Favorite: LMK Jewels

Landri Massey has been operating her new company LMK Jewels for 7 months now in only her spare time.  What makes this business stand out to me, though, is that she has had the vision and drive to develop this business in between classes, extracurriculars, and sifting through university applications.  That's right: Landri is a 17-year-old high school student.

To celebrate one of her recent family vacations, Landri made her mother, sister, and herself matching necklaces. When she had materials left over, she asked around if anyone would be interested in some jewelry she made. The answer was a resounding yes. All of a sudden she found herself filling orders for family members and friends, and she eventually began to develop a business out of it. The original necklace, The Austin Choker is now a staple. 

Her website has been live now for only a couple months,  and it has taken off surprisingly well.  

In between homework, she fills orders for people all over the country. It's not just her artwork that is admirable, though. The genuine love that she has for her peers and her customers is something really remarkable. Teenagers can be incredibly inspiring and a big dose of inspiration is just what I got while listening to her talk about the satisfaction she gets, not from a purchase, but from the hope that through her jewelry, she can promote confidence, self worth and kindness. Sure, the creative outlet is a wonderful benefit, but the true heart of this artist is to help bring out someone's personality and make them feel beautiful, whether it be paired with a t-shirt or a prom dress.

She plans to continue her education, majoring somewhere in the Marketing field. Her goal is to grow the business throughout college and sort of evolve her product line as her consumer base matures, which are her peers. She regularly spots her work on students passing her in the hallways of her school and, no doubt, will eventually be spotting it all over Fort Worth.

Landri's creativity and true passion for making a difference in someone's perception of their self worth are beautiful and inspiring. Her entrepreneurial spirit is something that help to make our city special and I'm excited to see what the future holds for her.

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