Fort Worth Favorite: Swiss Pastry Shop's Black Forest Cake

We've heard talk of this holy grail of a cake around town for a while: Black Forest Cake. Swiss Pastry Shop has been open for almost 50 years and is part of a Fort Worth Family legacy, so, if you've been around this town for a while, you've probably heard of it. Over the weekend, we finally got to experience it ourselves and I immediately knew it would be my feature for this month's Fort Worth Favorite! 

What makes this cake special? 

It's not a traditional black forest cake, with the chocolate sponge and cherry filling. Swiss Pasty Shop actually refers to this masterpiece as the "uncake". The ingredients are simple (and gluten free): egg white, pure cane sugar and crushed almonds which are then made into layers of meringue. Between the meringue layers is thick, sweetened whipped cream and topped with chocolate shavings. 

The textures come together beautifully and for such simple ingredients, the "uncake" is surprisingly flavorful. As someone who does not consider themselves "a cake person" and who will almost always choose pie if given the option, this feels like a perfect medium between the two desserts.


It absolutely lived up to the hype and we will definitely be ordering this for any family get together (or really any excuse to have a cake)! 

Check out the video below that features the shop and shows how the cake is made!