Fort Worth Favorite: Laura Bacigalupo Art

I met Laura Bacigalupo a couple years ago through our church, just a few weeks after arriving in Fort Worth. I was instantly drawn to her because she was so open about her love of art and because of her ability to clearly define goals for herself in regards to her dream of being an artist. As someone who personally struggles with finding motivation or even a clear way to channel creative energy, I was so impressed with her creative goals. It just felt so appropriate that I would highlight her for this month's Fort Worth Favorites. 

Within the last couple years, she's now made a career out of her art. She sets up booths at local festivals, and her work primarily sells through word of mouth. Her days are often spent in her Riverside Arts District studio where you can see that she also brings her son in to experiment with his artistic abilities too! Every few months, she hosts beginner-friendly abstract painting workshops that focus on embracing the playfulness, humor and forgiveness of the painting process while also embracing the imperfections that come with abstract painting.

When talking about her process, she said that any of her canvases have anywhere from 1 to 100 layers of paint on them. Her works are abstract, inspiring, and colorful. The use of bright colors is somehow able to give you a sense of ease and comfort while still being fun and playful. I'm no art critic, but I can definitely say that I love what she creates!

You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram.