Forkville Supper Club


Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the first event by the Forkville Super Club. Put together by our friends, Monte and Melanie Davis and held within their own home, it was a fun night of extravagant eating! Having it in their own home added a cozy vibe, plus we had the added benefit of watching Monte do his thing within his own kitchen and his element. Half of the fun was watching what he did next and how he prepared the food. 

It took me a little longer than I would have liked to get this on the blog because as some of you know, I was out of commission for most of last month because I got sick and didn't listen to my body enough to rest when I needed to. I had no voice at this party, as in, none. Even though I couldn't really join in on conversations in the way I wanted to, I found myself surrounded by such a fun, eclectic and friendly crowd! We drank an assortment of beer and wine, some provided by Silver Ghost Cellars and we all sort of instantly became friends. 

I found myself, even in my state, to be one of the last guests hanging around. Then, as we headed out, Monte surprised all the guests with a package of his homemade bacon! 

The menu was out of this world. Check it out and let me know what your favorite would be! Keep scrolling to see what was my favorite dish was! 


Cold Dishes:

Tuna Tartare with Wasabi-Avocado Aioli and Sesame Seeds in a Wonton Cup

Spicy Crab Salad with Sriracha Mayonnaise in a Fried Wonton

Shrimp Tostada with a Spanish Coleslaw, Cilantro-Lime Crema on a Fried Tortilla

Duck Prosciutto with Mustard Melons

Hummus and Grilled Pita with Spiced Olives


Hot Dishes:

Fried Arancini Balls with a Spicy Marinara

Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce Wrapped in a Puff Pastry

Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos with Cream Cheese and Chorizo



Truffle Chicken Liver Mousse with Sherry and Caramelized Onions

Peppered Beef Tenderloin with Horshradish Sour Cream

Goat Cheese Mousse with Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar



Seared Scallop with Creamed Corn and Chorizo

Sauteed Shrimp with Cheddar Grits and Andouille Tomato Sauce

Seared Foie Gras with Maciere Potato, Aged Cheddarand Duck Jus



Wondering what my favorite bit from the evening was? All of it was great, but my favorite was without a doubt the Foie Gras that we ended the night with. Granted, Foie Gras is something that you either love or hate. In this case, I absolutely loved it. You can see above, Monte posing proudly with the Foie Gras he made, and he had every right to be proud of it! 

If you're interested in jumping in on their next party or having a private event with Forkville Cuisine, you can find them on Facebook or email them at to get on their email list for the next event! Their next party is in a couple weeks and they're already added a second date and are still running out of room, so make sure you get in the know ASAP on when they will be hosting!