Fort Worth Favorite: CraftWork Coffee Co.

This month, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite local businesses, Craftwork Coffee Co. Sure, I get that it's a little cliche to be a toddler mom that is attracted to coffee shops like a moth to a flame, but I swear this spot is special. I've mentioned it on my Instagram here and there, but it occurred to me while in conversation with friends that a lot of people don't know about this gem. 

If I'm off to Craftwork, I usually end up at the Magnolia location. The space is open, stroller friendly, it's easy to park nearby, and conveniently right across the street from the Magnolia Micro-Park. I'm able to bring James in, hang for a little bit, and when he gets a little too crazy (because he's almost 2, so it will undoubtedly happen), we can head across the street to let him burn off some energy.  Being on Magnolia, the coffee shop is one of the first places open on weekdays (6:30am), which is perfect for an 8 or 9am coffee date or before heading to the zoo.

Did you catch all that? That's right. I bring James. 

Besides the coffee, I love this place because of how welcoming they are of families.  I never fully understood how daunting it can feel to push a stroller into a coffee shop, cafe, or any small business who doesn't primarily fall under the umbrella of "family friendly." I love that not only have I never felt intimidated by the atmosphere or the patrons, but the staff makes me feel almost empowered to be the kind of mom who walks into a coffee shop with a toddler. They interact with both me and James in such an authentic way. Instead of rolling their eyes, they seem to find a little bit of joy in watching him climb up their very block-like bench. They talk to us in a way that doesn't feel like a sort of "autopilot small talk" but in a way that feels like they are actually wanting to get to know us. Sure, this is probably just a reflection of their excellent staff and realistically, this is what every business should strive for. However, for a mom with a ticking time bomb of a child (because, let's get real, that's what every kid is), it feels so nice to be greeted with a genuinely welcoming response to the presence of my little time bomb. 

I know it's common for moms to shy away from hitting up Magnolia thinking that it isn't kid friendly or to have concerns about being so close to a busy city street, but I've been numerous times and have never felt unsafe. Magnolia's vibe is unique in Fort Worth and Craftwork fits in so well there. I would encourage all the moms around to give the Craftwork/Micro-Park combo a shot one morning.