Instagram Collage Posters

We've had a few guests over recently to see the new house and in a twist, our Vancouver posters seem to draw a bit of attention. This is one of our favorite things on our walls and in my opinion, a super chic way to show off some of our favorite memories from Vancouver. 

I searched high and low for the perfect company to make my instagram collage pictures. I found some super hip companies that would make it, but I was a little surprised at the price tag along with them. I felt like I was a bit specific in that I wanted a good amount of empty space. Anyway, I searched for (very seriously) months and then on a whim, decided to try Shutterfly of all places. 

For around $25 each, I was able to have these sweet posters. When they came in, I was shocked at the quality and bought some simple white poster frames off of Amazon. They were hung within a couple days and they've been one of our favorite parts of our decor ever since.