Fort Worth Fav: Handmade Cleanser/Moisturizer from Little Bits for You

I'm rolling out my Fort Worth Favs! Each month, I'll be highlighting a local place, product or small business that I love in an effort to focus on shopping small and local. I'm kicking it off just in time for any last minute Christmas orders! 

The owner of Little Bits For You, Jennifer gave me this little jar of all-in-one everything to try out and I felt like it was more than deserving to be the first of my Fort Worth Favs. It's listed as a cleanser and moisturizer, but this stuff can be used for pretty much everything. Since my skin has become unusually sensitive over the past year, I used it in place of my shaving cream and really loved it (which is a big deal). 

I've also found myself dabbing a little here and there on my knuckles since the cooler weather has made them a little dry. The fact that I can use this in so many ways really makes it stand out among my skincare products. I have the unscented version, but you can get a scented one here.  

At a whoppin' $8, this is a fun and affordable idea. So, if you're on the hunt for a last minute "little something" or a stocking stuffer, this is definitely something to consider. Plus, it's always nice to know that you're supporting a small and local business. The last day to order is for local delivery is the 23rd! You can contact her and order the product through her Etsy shop!