Why I Love Giving Food as Gifts

We got back from Louisville, KY last week where we traveled to visit one of my best friends. Being that one of my top love languages is gifts, I spent a good amount of time there looking for a fun gift to bring home for some of our closest friends. I didn’t have to look hard and found some seriously fantastic bourbon balls (which is a Louisville staple) and ended up bringing back, well, we’ll just say “a few.” 

After a few Christmases, vacations, and any other reason there could be to give a gift, I started to notice a common theme had popped up. Food! I'm convinced that the best kind of gift you could give is something edible. The more I talk to friends about my theory, the more it becomes aware that a lot of my friends have never considered food as a gift. So, even though we're not fully into the gift-giving season just yet, it felt relevant to bring up why I swear by consumable gift giving. Especially since we just came home with a ton of candies (pictured, minus 3 more packages which had been already given away/eaten).


1) Probably one of our favorite things about giving consumables is that there’s no clutter. No obligation to display anything, no guessing on anyone’s particular style, and no awkward moments when it gets spotted in a garage sale a few years later. There's also an expiration date! Whatever you give or receive will likely be perishable (unless you're giving canned items for some reason). You've officially got a time limit on the gift, meaning that it wont take up space for long and ensures that it'll get used. 

2) This one differs from person to person, but Kyle and I are just the kind of people who would rather spend our money on some really good food than a piece of home decor or some new clothing/accessories. We love food and we are happy to invest in the experience of enjoying quality dinners, drinks and treats, and to invest in that experience for our friends. The fca

3) You can usually find a unique food item wherever you are. Whether it's a famous staple of a city you’re visiting, something special made in your city or even your favorite treat that you made in your spare time, it’s easy to come up with an option.

4) It's fun! Granted, I'm a little more into foodie things than some people and we already know I'm into gifts, so it shouldn't be a surprise to know that pairing the two is really fun for me. 

So, If you wonder why I end up bringing brownie mix from NYC, fancy chocolate bars home from DC, insanely large donuts from Austin and bourbon balls from Austin, you can chalk it up to all of these reasons. Also, if that thought does cross your mind, make sure to give Kyle a pat on the back for being the kind of husband who puts up with his wife collecting food from all over that isn’t even for him. Next time you travel or as you prepare for the Christmas season, consider trying out something new (assuming you're not a food gift giver) and putting something tasty under the tree.