Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

Over the weekend, we headed to Northwest Arkansas for our first baby shower. My mom graciously held it for us in her home and flew my sister in from DC for the event! It had been a while since we had been back there and even longer since we had seen some of our friends in town. It was the perfect excuse to reconnect with some friends that we missed while simultaneously celebrating little Lape

Kyle and I are overwhelmed with thanks for all of the things we walked away with. Maybe we can blame it on hormones, but it really chokes me up to know how loved our little one already is and what a great life he already has awaiting him out here in the world. We're so excited for him to arrive and so thankful that those around us are too! 


We're not a family that's really into shower games. We didn't have any at my wedding shower so it felt appropriate not to have any for this shower. Plus, there's something so refreshing about coming to a shower without having to taste test baby food or pick out the melted candy bars that look like poop. No thanks. Let's just eat, drink and open some gifts.

Afterwards, we broke out the antique crystal (it should be noted I've never in my life seen anyone drink from them.) and toasted to our newest edition and throwing a successful baby shower. Here's to you Little Lape! 


* Cake is from our favorite local bakery, Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe

* Place card holders from Original Animal Magnet

* Thank You cookies from Anna Lees Cookies