Ikea Hacked Patchwork Dresser

A few years ago I fell in love with West Elm's Patchwork Collection. Eventually we got a hold of two nightstands, but our apartment in Vancouver didn't have enough room for the dresser, so we put it off. Have you seen these nightstands?! How can you not fall in love with that design?

After our big move back to the US, we figured it would be the perfect time to finally get the dresser of my dreams to match the set. So, I start checking out the price online and I find out that it's been discontinued. Cue the heartbreak. Next step, call the nearest store (Dallas) to get a quote on any that they may have in stock or try to track down one nearby me and get a quote for shipping. Well, that turned out to be a bust too because they didn't have any of the patchwork woodgrain but they did have simple white . . . for a sale price of around $1200. 

Cue Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." 

Cue Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." 

Since we made the decision not to bring in any Canadian dollars because of the super awful conversation rate, we were pretty much stuck. 

Until I ran across PANYL. They make a wide variety of contact paper (for lack of a better description) that are custom cut to certain IKEA product dimensions. After going through their Instagram and seeing a couple bang on options to recreate this exact dresser, I figured it was worth a try.  

We decided to go with the Malm Dresser. If you're familiar with IKEA, you know this dresser. It's the run of the mill, most boring dresser ever. Seriously, it's almost an eyesore of how bland it is. Just look at this. But, for just over $150 and a great amount of storage space, we sucked it up and made it part of our bedroom collection.

Then, we ordered the PANYL samples. They came within the week and we were pleasantly surprised. It's definitely worth ordering the samples, because the woodgrain options look pretty differently from the online site than in real life. Also, we were impressed with the texture of the woodgrain samples. It sold us on the whole thing even more knowing it wasn't going to just be a crappy sticker and that it would actually look and feel nice. 

We were able to design the dresser online and ordered the strips that day. It blew our mind that they came in just a couple days later.

Next step was the handles. I had a rough experience with some wind and spray paint (I am apparently still getting used to the fact that the wind here is significantly stronger than what we experienced in Vancouver), and had to find new and cheap handles that didn't require spray paint. I actually thought it was going to be a huge issue and hold off the project for another few weeks when I ran across these brass handles on Amazon for a whoppin' $1.12 per handle. I ordered 6 of them and fully expected them to be super crappy. Maybe use them until we find the handles of our dreams and then replace them. Turns out, they looked surprisingly good, especially for about $7 total. 

Next step was drilling the holes, then installing the PANYL strips. We ordered 5 woodgrain and one color option. I wanted to include a dark grey in it and was really pleased with their color sections. Our nightstands have a dark grey wood on it that matched the shade perfectly. The woodgrain strips were a piece of cake to install. Definitely a two person job, but not bad at all. It wasn't until we got to the grey strip that it became an ordeal. I'm not sure if it's like that with all of the PANYL color options, but it was not nearly as easy as the woodgrains were. 

Here's the final product! There were a couple bumps along the way, which is expected since we're pretty new to DIY projects. But, the entire project cost us well under $300 in comparison to the $1200 West Elm dresser. Plus, we are trying to remind ourselves that we're about to have a kid who will probably write all over, spill stuff, and stick play dough to every piece of furniture that we own. Maybe it's ok that we chose the cheaper route this time. 

Overall, we love the piece! It adds a lot to the very blank space. If I was doing the nursery in a woodland themed, this would be perfect on the Hemnes dresser that we have. I would totally use PANYL again. I'm more inclined to do the wood grained strips just because they were so much easier than the color strip that we applied. Regardless of the extra work, the savings payed off. 

Here is a list of the colors we used.

Top Left: Teak

Top Right: Rosewood

Middle Left: Pale Oak

Middle Right: Teak

Bottom Left: Rosewood

Bottom Right: Slate