Mind vs. Body

Last weekend I pushed myself a little too hard. On Friday I had some great hot chocolate with a friend and directly from there hopped onto the skytrain to about an hour outside of the city to see some friends. We got back pretty late and then I got up early the next morning to walk to sea wall with a friend. As beautiful as it was, I was already starting to feel the effects of pushing myself and talking significantly more than usual. After walking, I had a couple of hours to rest, but were really spent just standing in a hot shower trying to warm myself up. I headed out to meet a friend for coffee and afterwards met up with other friends to go try some more hot chocolate for the festival going on. Then dinner. Then home.

Then, I realized I was done. I started feeling the effects of all of this going and going and took naps for the rest of the weekend and through all of Monday. When you think about taking the time to nap, it feels like a waste. I felt awful for falling behind on taking care of the house and my fitbit hit an all time low on how many steps I took for the day. But after multiple long naps, I felt so much better.

Sometimes, our bodies and our minds are opposing forces. I felt so lazy for sleeping all day, but in actuality that rest is exactly what my body needed. It seems like a simple thought, but it reminded me that our minds don't always know what is best. We often think we understand and are adamant that we know what is best when it can turn out to be the opposite.