Zucchini Pasta

I recently picked up this awesome tool at Williams Sonoma and may have fallen in love with veggies all over again. When I decided to make the switch from grain pasta to veggie pasta, I wanted it to fall in line with Kimberly Snyder's beauty pairing instructions (directly from her book The Beauty Detox Solution). What I mean by falling in line is that I am able to have an animal protein (in this case, chicken) with the veggies where I would not be able to have the protein with starches. Although I'm not following her diet completely, there are definitely some things I picked up from the book and want to implement into my daily diet. The beauty pairings is one of those rules. 

When thinking of a sauce, I wanted it to be just as healthy. I stumbled upon a recipe for avocado cream sauce that was a huge hit. Also, I threw in some chicken that was cooked over stovetop in coconut oil.