All About Artichokes

Lately I've been reminded of how much I enjoy artichokes but for some reason don't cook with them very often. So, I am challenging myself to start!

I was so happy to have found a few recipes for grilled artichokes. I chose the one I did mainly because it looked easiest and it just kills me when I have to read through a blogger's life story before we get to the recipe and this one was short and sweet with bonus photos for each step. We loved the recipe and I would consider it less of a mess than the oven roasted recipe although Kyle practically inhaled the roasted artichokes so fast I almost had to do a double take.

I'm not going to try and pass any of the recipes off as my own, but you can at least take know that if you try these out, they are very doable. Recipe links can always be found in the photo captions.