The Bümmaa Pillow

When I gave birth to James, I had a minor tailbone injury. It wasn’t serious, but it hurt. While furiously trying to figure out what was wrong during those late nights and early mornings, I found out that tailbone injuries during childbirth are common. If your baby moves quickly through the birth canal or at the wrong angle, it can bruise or sometimes even fracture your tailbone. When we got home from the hospital, I immediately ordered a cheap, inflatable pillow off of Amazon that we just as quickly threw away.

This time around, now knowing how common tailbone injuries are during childbirth, I wanted to be prepared. I researched some pillows that would help with perineal or tailbone pain, and ran across the Bümmaa. They were gracious enough to send me a pillow to try out and now, just over 2 weeks postpartum, I swear by it. The pillow is shaped like a donut, made from memory foam and has a super soft microfiber cover. The donut shape is important because it allows for the minimum amount of pressure on your most delicate bits (that just did a lot of work.) It's a simple, well executed product that should be on more expecting moms' radar.

I had considered it something to use solely when I returned home, but honestly, one of my only hospital bag regrets was not including the Bümmaa pillow. I brought a breastfeeding pillow, a regular pillow, but somehow didn't think to bring the pillow made specifically for helping with recovering from childbirth. Should we end up back in labor & delivery one day, this pillow will absolutely be by my side!

Since coming home, it’s been in use everyday. There are so many great things about those first few weeks with your baby, and honestly, there are just as many hard things to navigate and work through. Being able to confidently not worry about tailbone or perineal pain during this time has been a huge relief.