Please and Thank You

We've turned a corner in our home. When a bag opens, the pantry door squeaks or silverware clinks on a plate or bowl, James comes running. Er, I guess more like a super aggressive crawl that, if put in fast forward, is something straight out of a scary movie. 

James now has a love of food that I assume will last well into his adulthood (if basing it on his father). So, we figured if he's going to crawl up to someone or stare longingly at whatever is in their hand, we will work on learning "please" and "thank you." Sure, right now it's pretty sporadic and comes out a little different, but if I want to think he's getting the hang of it. 

It gets a little tricky when I ask him to say please for his water. I can't really withhold water from him until he says it, that just seems wrong. How do you go about teaching that cause and effect relationship?

What do you do for your little ones?