Mom Life = Coffee Life

Can we talk about a transition for a second? I've never really been into coffee. It wasn't like I would crinkly my nose in disgust or not even dive into it. I just wasn't a big coffee drinker. In Vancouver, I was all about the tea, specifically London Fogs. We even got our own milk steamer here at home so that I could make my own tea lattes. 

Then I had James and that all kind of shifted. 

I still love coffee shops. I still like the sweeter drinks which would have true coffee snobs (*cough cough* Kyle) chuckling to themselves. I'm not really at the point where I can drink black coffee, other than in the form of cold brew, but I guess I'm working up to that point. 

Pictured: The "Espresso Julep" from  Craftwork Coffee

Pictured: The "Espresso Julep" from Craftwork Coffee