James's Constellation Nursery

I spent what felt like forever planning out this nursery. I had actually decided on the theme of constellations before we knew the gender. I have so many things I love about this room and that makes it not so bad to be in here in there late at night and early in the mornings. 


The lamp was given to us at a baby shower and I just love the ambience it gives the room. The constellation wall above his crib was so much fun to create. It's made up of stickers and string. Using some basic pictures of constellations, I just used stars and simple black dot stickers to create the shape. It was such a fun project. Plus, we aren't able to paint since we're in an apartment and this was a great option for a "no damage look." 

Above his dresser is a collection of prints and little things I thought were cute. All are from Etsy and it makes me so happy to know I'm supporting small businesses in the midst of a project like this. I love being able to rock him and read the prints on the wall. The larger one with the gold frame says "first we had eachother, then we had you, now we have everything." Catch me in the right mood and that quote alone can make me cry a river. The other print has Jeremiah 1:5 which seemingly got me through so much of pregnancy. 

I could spend time talking about every little thing in this room and how it comes together. Each detail in the room is a dream and it makes it such a joy to be in! Not only do I enjoy it, but James does too. When he has fussy moments, we can usually take him in the nursery, lay him in his crib and tap the mobile so it moves. Yesterday he sat in there, smiled and cooed for about 30 minutes just enjoying looking up and around. I'm so happy he likes his room just as much as I do!