Sharing Photos with Friends & Family

You know all of those pictures parents have in our camera roll? The ones where your child is doing something totally age appropriate but not really that impressive? (Yeah. I said it.) It’s not a surprise that while we think every moment is worth documenting, it may not always be appropriate to share on our social media. I’m not even talking about the obvious bathtub or underwear pictures, but just the everyday moments that we as parents find memorable but pretty much everyone else is fine scrolling past. There are a ton of reasons not to put photos of your children on Facebook or Instagram. So how do you share your moments without posting it to social media or adding your entire family to a group text? 

We use 23 Snaps.

Before I get into it, I want to make sure you know this isn’t an ad. Not only is this not sponsored, but this isn’t a post on how to store your photos. That’s up to you. This one is all about sharing.

Back to 23 Snaps. I genuinely love this site and app. Kyle and I have the app on our phone and we simply upload a picture/video of James or Ian doing something cute. From there, it sends an email to everyone who has subscribed to our feed. It’s seriously that easy. Your friends and family don’t need to download another app to stay up to date. You don’t need to be constantly deleting your text threads in order to make room on your phone. Instead you just quickly sign up with your email through a link sent to you by a family member (so that strangers cannot jump in on the party). Sure, it feels like we’ve been trained to opt out of all emails or anything resembling a newsletter or spam, but this is different. Some of our family check it immediately and comment on the photos or videos, others wait and catch up at the end of the week or month. 

Oh, and it’s worth noting that this is a free site. Sure, they have an option to pay a little more should you want to upload long videos and photos with a high resolution, but I’ve yet to see a need for it.

Check it out and consider making the switch to a safer and more secure way to share your child’s memorable moments.

The Bümmaa Pillow

When I gave birth to James, I had a minor tailbone injury. It wasn’t serious, but it hurt. While furiously trying to figure out what was wrong during those late nights and early mornings, I found out that tailbone injuries during childbirth are common. If your baby moves quickly through the birth canal or at the wrong angle, it can bruise or sometimes even fracture your tailbone. When we got home from the hospital, I immediately ordered a cheap, inflatable pillow off of Amazon that we just as quickly threw away.

This time around, now knowing how common tailbone injuries are during childbirth, I wanted to be prepared. I researched some pillows that would help with perineal or tailbone pain, and ran across the Bümmaa. They were gracious enough to send me a pillow to try out and now, just over 2 weeks postpartum, I swear by it. The pillow is shaped like a donut, made from memory foam and has a super soft microfiber cover. The donut shape is important because it allows for the minimum amount of pressure on your most delicate bits (that just did a lot of work.) It's a simple, well executed product that should be on more expecting moms' radar.

I had considered it something to use solely when I returned home, but honestly, one of my only hospital bag regrets was not including the Bümmaa pillow. I brought a breastfeeding pillow, a regular pillow, but somehow didn't think to bring the pillow made specifically for helping with recovering from childbirth. Should we end up back in labor & delivery one day, this pillow will absolutely be by my side!

Since coming home, it’s been in use everyday. There are so many great things about those first few weeks with your baby, and honestly, there are just as many hard things to navigate and work through. Being able to confidently not worry about tailbone or perineal pain during this time has been a huge relief.


Baby Doppler's Nasal Aspirator

If you’re like me, the words “nasal aspirator” were never a part of your vocabulary until you had a child. Now, even with the difficulty of keeping my squirmy toddler still long enough to use it, it’s a lifesaver and something we always have on hand.

Baby Doppler was kind enough to send me their new Nasal Aspirator, the Snotty Buddy to try out. I thought it wouldn’t be something I would be able to use until new baby’s arrival but then my 2 year old got hit with a very snotty day. Even when picking him up from school, the only note was “a lotta snot.” It was the perfect opportunity to test the Snotty Buddy out.

My son is old enough now where he could understand what it does. He doesn’t love what it does, but he gets it. He tried playfully putting it into each of our noses before we explained that it was for him and his “boogies.” It worked wonderfully.

In comparing to other nasal aspirators, the tubing with Baby Doppler’s is thicker and feels a little more durable. The mouthpiece is notable as well in that it has a sort of guard so it doesn’t fly out of your mouth. It may sound like such a small thing, but when you’ve got a toddler who is flailing about during the process, it’s nice to have that extra little bit of security to stay on task.

While a similar product tends to make it on everyone’s registry, I would actually say that I prefer the feel of Baby Doppler’s nasal aspirator. Maybe because it feels sturdier or maybe because of something as simple as some extra security around the mouthpiece. Regardless, if you’re in the market for one or headed to a baby shower soon, check out what Baby Doppler has to offer. Their products are relevant and they’ve become one of the companies I trust most when it comes to caring for myself and caring for my children.


DIY Patchwork Blackout Curtains

We're currently transitioning James' room from less of a baby's nursery into more of a toddler's room. I recently fell in love with these curtains from Crate and Barrel. I had a few reservations, though: they would cost me about $70 per panel, the panels all looked identical and we need four panels to cover the window in James' room. So, off I went to the one place I knew could help me solve this conundrum - Target. There, I found these charcoal blackout curtains that were $17 per panel. Here's a side by side comparison of the (1) CB and (2) Target curtains. 

PicMonkey Collsage.jpg

I just want to make sure you understand what's up so far. I paid less for four panels of the Target curtains than one panel from Crate and Barrel. So, already I was riding the high of some sweet savings when I decided to move that party to AliExpress to find more deals on iron-on patches. There, I ended up paying around $10 for somewhere around 40 patches. 


From there, I borrowed a hair straightener from a neighbor (shoutout Alicia) since I'm apparently one of the few people who doesn't own one. Then, I went to work. 


The entire process of applying patches took me about an hour, and that's including La Croix breaks, dealing with a toddler who was collecting patches just to throw handfuls of them into the air, and a quick steam after the patches were applied to help get some wrinkles out. Overall, I would say it was well worth the roughly $180 in savings. They turned out beautifully! 


Colorful Sensory Bags

We woke up this morning to a grey sky, not enough coffee in the house and all I wanted to do was wrap up in a blanket and go back to sleep. I found myself needing something to keep James entertained and quickly put these together. These colorful sensory bags are the perfect way to work on our colors and brighten up our moods on a sleepy day! The last time I made these, I had a few questions about how I did it, so, this time I laid out all of the easy steps! 

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Traveling with a Toddler

We're no pros at this whole traveling with a kid thing, but after hitting up three major cities in less than a month, we now feel like we could conquer almost anything. I put together a small list together for other parents about to embark on their own adventure of the things that helped us most throughout our travels. 

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Mom Life = Coffee Life

Can we talk about a transition for a second? I've never really been into coffee. It wasn't like I would crinkly my nose in disgust or not even dive into it. I just wasn't a big coffee drinker. In Vancouver, I was all about the tea, specifically London Fogs. We even got our own milk steamer here at home so that I could make my own tea lattes. 

Then I had James and that all kind of shifted. 

I still love coffee shops. I still like the sweeter drinks which would have true coffee snobs (*cough cough* Kyle) chuckling to themselves. I'm not really at the point where I can drink black coffee, other than in the form of cold brew, but I guess I'm working up to that point. 

Pictured: The "Espresso Julep" from  Craftwork Coffee

Pictured: The "Espresso Julep" from Craftwork Coffee

Please and Thank You

We've turned a corner in our home. When a bag opens, the pantry door squeaks or silverware clinks on a plate or bowl, James comes running. Er, I guess more like a super aggressive crawl that, if put in fast forward, is something straight out of a scary movie. 

James now has a love of food that I assume will last well into his adulthood (if basing it on his father). So, we figured if he's going to crawl up to someone or stare longingly at whatever is in their hand, we will work on learning "please" and "thank you." Sure, right now it's pretty sporadic and comes out a little different, but if I want to think he's getting the hang of it. 

It gets a little tricky when I ask him to say please for his water. I can't really withhold water from him until he says it, that just seems wrong. How do you go about teaching that cause and effect relationship?

What do you do for your little ones? 

My Mother's Day Gift (to myself)

I am so in love with this, I can barely put it into words. When I saw the digital print, I cried. When I unwrapped the package, I cried. What a beautiful talent and gift. I jokingly told Kyle "can't you just imagine a wall full of baby silhouettes?" 

I had been eyeing down A Family Print Shop for a while through finding them on instagram. I chose to have mine on a wooden plaque (which was also what made me go with this specific company) while I got two extra prints and had them framed for each grandmother. I waited until James was exactly one year old and I absolutely love it. This was what my baby looked like the day he became a toddler.

This will be cherished forever. 

James's Constellation Nursery

I spent what felt like forever planning out this nursery. I had actually decided on the theme of constellations before we knew the gender. I have so many things I love about this room and that makes it not so bad to be in here in there late at night and early in the mornings. 


The lamp was given to us at a baby shower and I just love the ambience it gives the room. The constellation wall above his crib was so much fun to create. It's made up of stickers and string. Using some basic pictures of constellations, I just used stars and simple black dot stickers to create the shape. It was such a fun project. Plus, we aren't able to paint since we're in an apartment and this was a great option for a "no damage look." 

Above his dresser is a collection of prints and little things I thought were cute. All are from Etsy and it makes me so happy to know I'm supporting small businesses in the midst of a project like this. I love being able to rock him and read the prints on the wall. The larger one with the gold frame says "first we had eachother, then we had you, now we have everything." Catch me in the right mood and that quote alone can make me cry a river. The other print has Jeremiah 1:5 which seemingly got me through so much of pregnancy. 

I could spend time talking about every little thing in this room and how it comes together. Each detail in the room is a dream and it makes it such a joy to be in! Not only do I enjoy it, but James does too. When he has fussy moments, we can usually take him in the nursery, lay him in his crib and tap the mobile so it moves. Yesterday he sat in there, smiled and cooed for about 30 minutes just enjoying looking up and around. I'm so happy he likes his room just as much as I do!




So, I'm finally getting around to talking about one of my favorite products right now. A couple months after we found out I was pregnant, I started trying to find a safer than usual nail polish brand. Those of you that know me know that I love to paint my nails and am very rarely seen without any polish on. I was wary also of how often to be using acetone and the fumes that come along with it. Sure, it wasn't a massive concern, but since I try and do my nails every week, that can really become an issue if I let it. 

Of all the places, I found Ella + Mila on instagram. So I figured I would give them a shot. I started off ordering lots of pale pinks and a couple pop colors, just because I wasn't sure of the quality. 

Turns out, I love the brand. And here's why.

  • Ella + Mila is a 5 free formula which means it's definitely safe for pregnancy but also for little baby hands and toes. 
  • I kid you not, it dries crazy fast. We're talking 30min max with 2 heavy coats fast. 
  • I also purchased some of their soy nail polish remover. It's oil based so it doesn't dry out your skin, plus it has lavender oil in it so it smells a thousand times better than acetone. 
  • It should be noted that acetone doesn't get off spray paint on your skin, but their oil based remover does. It's not necessarily a huge advantage, but we found it out one day.